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Workers from all over the World – Beautiful Award Winning Photographs

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I was sitting in class not paying attention (shocking) and I was on my phone looking on my Flipboard App when I came across this amazing article and honestly was so instantly captivated I couldn’t wait to share it with everybody.  Thank you Flipboard!

I really really hope you guys all appreciate these images as much as I do and go check out some of these photographer’s work because it is truly phenomenal.  I’m jealous 🙂

Most visually stunning to me was this first one I am showing.  I fell in love.

Asia-Pacific winner: “Net Mending” by Ly Hoang Long, Vietnam

As I was looking at these images it struck me ( not for the first time ) how exceptionally different our lives are all around this world everyday.  During the very same moment in time, somewhere in the world there is a man in a suit sitting in an office in front of a computer in New York City and a group of Vietnamese people fishing in a small village living in houseboats and huts.

I don’t really mean this in some negative way, please do not misunderstand.

I actually think there is a peace and absolute beauty to the way that the world comes together through millions of people performing completely different tasks not realizing how each of them really contribute to the other.

00:00 hours winner: “Last Train” by Chris Jongkind, Japan

05:00 hours winner: “Dawn with Donkey” by Somenath Mukhopadhyay, Turkey

After all, where would the world be if everyone had a similar job?  Is it fair to say one person’s career or job is more important than another?

Are you more important because you are a doctor or a lawyer than the garbage man?  What would we do if there were no garbage men?  If there was nobody willing to take our trash out, weave our fishing nets, serve us in restaurants, wake up at 4 am to bake us fresh bread, milk cows and farm crops and animals so we can eat, what would we do?

So, I guess what I am trying to do is use these photos to make you think about the world in a different way.  A way that is more than just pictures or fascinating images.

Although these are awesome.

10:00 hours winner: “Fish Market” by Saumalya Ghosh, India

I want people to think about roles in life, the role you play in the world.  What do you think?   Are you important?  If I came and took a picture of your job, what would it look like?

The truth is….you’re probably more important to the functioning mechanics of the world than you realize.


B.B. Rebel

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