The Darkmoon Collection – Exploring Tucson with Her

Homeless in Tucson, AZ – A Series in Progress

Happy Monday Everyone!

I suppose at any given point in time in life, anything can happen.  People can fall from the highest positions of authority and respect to barely existing as a human being.

I set out to do some street photography for school a year ago so I went to a kind of a run down part of Tucson during the day to try and capture something harsh and unsettling.  That was what I set out to do.

Here is what ended up happening.

As I was walking around with my camera, a homeless man approached me and asked what I was doing, so I explained.  We then struck up a conversation about humanity and war (he was a war veteran) and while he talked I noticed the deep wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, his leathery skin, lack of teeth and realized I had something so real and unsettling right before my eyes.  I politely asked if I could take a few pictures of him while he spoke and he kindly obliged.  After spending nearly 30 minute with him we parted ways and I wished him the best of luck.


I decided that my project would take a more specific approach and I walked the streets looking for obviously homeless people and just taking some time to talk to them, get to know them and how they got to this point.  What circumstances in their lives brought them into homelessness?


It is amazing how much people are willing to tell you about themselves if you are JUST WILLING TO LISTEN.  I heard many stories that week as I narrowed down and continued to shoot the series and I walked away with so much knowledge….but not about photography.


I learned about life, and the conditions in which some people are forced to survive.  I learned about loss, tragedy, neglect, and ignorance.

The most important thing I took away from this project had nothing to with lighting, aperture, or photography.


I learned that when hope is lost, nothing that remains makes any difference at all.


B.B. Rebel

P.S. All photos were used with permission from the subject, verbal consent for use was given during shooting.