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Inspirational Photos by Turkish Photographer – Mustafa Dedeoglu









These are only 3 photographs that were taken by Mustafa Dedeoglu in one of the most rural regions in Turkey; Anatolia.

Before I speak of about this work I just want to give you all a link to his portfolio in case you want to view his work… it is more than worth the click.

Now – why do I think these are so inspirational/motivational/incredible?

First and foremost, I suppose it would be because I am half Turkish and lived there for most of my childhood.  The truth is, I have never even been to this region of the country that he is photographing here.  I grew up in the larger cities and modern areas.

As far as his composition and framing, they speak for themselves.  I don’t think it is often that I can say that I have absolutely nothing negative to say – and I have nothing negative to say.

These photographs convey emotion, depth, poverty,  a hard and weathered life that starts so early, and an undisturbed and striking landscape in most of the backgrounds.

He was able to capture  lifestyle and a culture through his lens, one that is even little known to myself as a person whose forty family members live in Turkey.

Also I want to commend his choice of black and white for displaying these photos.  They communicate an ancientness that has been preserved into modern times yet nothing has really changed here in this small part of the world.

Except for that guy with the digital camera taking photos, they didn’t have those back in the day….

Hope you enjoy this photographer and find his work as interesting as I do 🙂

– B. B. Rebel